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A beginners guide to NFL With the first round mere hours away, we're unveiling our list of the top players in this class. Who will your team take? Weaver showed some power as a nickel rusher inside and has the lateral quickness to bounce from gap to gap on stunts and twists. Pittman reminds me of former Spurs star Tim Duncan in that nothing he does is all that flashy or exciting, but he just consistently gets the job done. Each game consists of four minute quarters, with a minute break for halftime. Diggs has a solid, muscled frame and top-tier athleticism.

A beginner's guide to NFL

He took medical hardship waivers in both the and seasons he missed most of with a serious hamstring injury and most of with a ligament tear in his left foot before returning to put together a standout campaign, earning first-team AP All-American honors after racking up seven picks, three sacks, 83 tackles, two forced fumbles, and one pass defensed. The former three-star recruit bludgeons offensive linemen with his initial punch and discards blocks with well-timed and accurate swipes and clubs. Newsround Home. You know that famous picture of Derrick Henry standing next to Mark Ingram? The son of former NFL player and current Jets receivers coach Shawn Jefferson, he brings a professional-level knowledge of route-running to the field. His hands are a blur, swiping away at blocks to send opposing linemen tumbling off-balance. The Sooners defensive captain has racked up tackles— The Defense: The job of the defense is to stop the offense. Hunt plays a bit high at times and can get knocked into the pocket if a defender catches him off-guard. Edwards has quick footwork at the line of scrimmage and can sink his hips and stop on a dime, making him a tough matchup on both stop and hook routes on the outside. Want to know more about the Tennessee Titans? He may lack the pure speed to play single-high safety at the next level, and a multiple robber-type role that asks him to fly downhill and play over the slot could be his best fit. After playing a reserve role behind NFL talents in Darrell Henderson and Tony Pollard in , he broke out in , turning his 71 touches into 1, yards and 12 touchdowns in 38 receptions for yards and eight touchdowns with 33 rushes for yards and four touchdowns. Learn more Get Started Read articles. Eason is an exceptionally well-built passer whose top-tier arm strength is sure to captivate the imagination of a handful of teams. He has good knee bend and quick reactions to keep opposing rushers at bay. He was inconsistent battling contact late in his routes, though, and lacked strength in contested-catch situations. He found his home on the gridiron, though, and broke out in for Notre Dame, finishing with 66 catches for 1, yards and 13 touchdowns. While trying to advance the football to the end zone, the offense may accidentally turn the ball over to the defense in one of two ways. The team that drafts him may need to bake in a little extra development time. Wilson looks to dole out punishment in the run game and has bulldozer-like power at the point of attack. These are the guys out on the edge who run around, catch the passes and score the touchdowns. He also adds potential value on special teams, returning two punts for touchdowns in Chaisson has a chiseled frame with an explosion-generating lower half and long, muscled arms. The biggest question surrounding Moss is durability, as his physical brand could cause questions among NFL teams. Lacks explosiveness and is too inconsistent against the run; is likely a stand-up end only who lacks schematic versatility. He lacked discipline at times. When he gets his hands on an opponent, he uses his massive 7-foot wingspan to completely engulf them. He plays rough and rugged on the edge, likes to battle with blockers, and easily overpowers tight ends at the point of attack. He plays high, and his effort as a run defender seems to come and go. Examples of use: "I'd throw the ball deep on Second down " or "Atlanta always run the ball on First down ". Beginner's Guide to Football. LEARNING NFL RULES. If you are a football beginner, one of your biggest obstacles to achieving full enjoyment of the game is.

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The former Tiger feased on lesser competition in , but was a standout at the Senior Bowl, regularly blasting past offensive linemen who tried to block him. That is not the case before halftime. Cornerbacks and safeties defend against the pass from the QB to the wide receiver and help to stop the run. This is approximately 5 feet narrower than college football goal posts, which are 23 feet, 4 inches wide. The projection from Division II star to NFL standout is a tough one, as concerns about his level of competition could deter some teams. On the personal side, Jackson donated bone marrow to his sister last summer , a procedure that put his football career at risk. The team which has control of the ball will have their offence attacking players on the pitch. Teams often run with the ball on 1st Down. As a player with a three-down skill set, Edwards-Helaire is a dynamic pass catcher out of the backfield; he leaves linebackers flat-footed with sharp angle routes, has proved capable of running vertical routes, and boasts good hands. The Broncos star was wildly productive in his career in Boise, racking up

NFL for Dummies: A basic guide to American Football

He made 38 starts for Louisiana Tech, and showed good durability and toughness to play through hip and groin issues last season but not miss a game. Against the run, Elliott can lock his arms out to control blocking attempts, keeping linemen off his body while scanning the backfield to chase down the ballcarrier. Dillon runs with a surprisingly velvety style and very good balance despite his immense size, slaloming through gaps in the defense while utilizing eye-poppingly smooth open-field spin moves to avoid tacklers. Murray has a chiseled frame with long arms and a solid lower half. Fromm finished his Georgia career with a to touchdown-to-interception ratio and a Thomas is prone to lunging as a run blocker, though, at times getting out over his skis and ending up on the ground. The defense tries to block the kick and stop the ball from reaching the goal post. He lacks the stop-to-start acceleration of smaller corners. He comes with a low floor, he turned the ball over far, far too much in , and he may need some time as a backup to refine his game. He never carried the ball more than 25 times in a game in college, eclipsing 20 carries just three times. He glides off the line of scrimmage and can quickly sink his hips on stop routes or comebacks, and has the short-area movement skills and physicality to cross up defenders on short out-routes. Tristan Wirfs buried him into the turf on a handful of plays against Iowa last season.

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The former Minnesota star was wildly productive in college, reeling in passes for 2, yards and 25 touchdowns over his past two seasons with the Gophers. The Hawaii native was a three-sport star in high school also excelling in basketball and track and that athletic versatility shows up in his game: He has very good hands, consistently discarding and deflecting block attempts with chops and push-pull-rip moves, and he uses a strong long-arm stab move to put tackles on their heels. He grapples with second-level defenders, showing the ability to uproot and seal off defenders. The mock incorporates factors such as team needs, front-office preferences, and comments made by players and executives. He can square up a defender and chop his feet, drive them off the ball, or seal off a run lane. His sack production leaves something to be desired he had just 5. Ruggs finished at Alabama with 24 of his 98 career receptions ending up in the end zone. He loves to play with his eyes in the backfield, and is an eager downhill defender with a massive tackle radius. Brown has the versatility to line up at nose tackle, at the three-technique spot, or even outside at times. He plays with very active hands, continually chopping and ripping throughout his rush, and accelerates his feet when contacted. The Offense: Whichever team has possession of the ball is the offense. Okudah is an extraordinarily explosive athlete with quick feet, terrific speed, and jump-out-of-the-gym hops. Jeudy had a few too many drops at Alabama, but also showed the ability to make the tough grabs, going up high to pluck the ball from the air or bending to effortlessly scoop a low pass. Sometimes they have to come closer to the line of scrimmage, like a linebacker, and make tackles, but they are mainly needed to defend deep balls thrown downfield. Gibson has a thick, muscled-up build with top-tier balance, explosive acceleration, and home run speed. Mims boasts top-tier athleticism and an exceptional catch radius; he should be an impact player both on deep shots downfield and in the red zone early in his career. League Governance Ensuring a consistent and fair game that is decided on the field, by the players. He was a big-time producer for Liberty, finishing his career there with school records in receptions , receiving yards 3, , and receiving touchdowns Learn fundamental terms in the glossary, understand base formations and get a quick guide to NFL TV graphics. See the officials' responsibilities, learn the rules​. We also work with trusted advertising partners to show you content and advertisements for products and services you might like. By selecting "Accept" below.

It is the center's job to hike the ball to the QB at the start of each play. They must communicate well with each other and make sure they all know their blocking assignments. Shenault has easy speed off the line and is capable of threatening defenses vertically and tracking deep throws. Elliott checks a lot of boxes as an early impact defensive lineman: He has the ability to line up in multiple spots, the athleticism to shoot gaps, the length to get his hands up to disrupt passing lanes, and the power and awareness to stop the run. He notched six tackles for a loss, two interceptions, 10 passes defensed, and two forced fumbles in Dillon runs with a surprisingly velvety style and very good balance despite his immense size, slaloming through gaps in the defense while utilizing eye-poppingly smooth open-field spin moves to avoid tacklers. Learn all you need to know about the NFL ahead of the new season with our ultimate guide to the league His ball placement is erratic at times, which is a trait that could get him in trouble. He keeps his balance when throwing on the run, and has shown the ability to twist his torso to generate torque on cross-body throws. The third-team AP All-American racked up A tight end must be able to act like an extra blocker on the line and a receiver to catch passes downfield. He also struggled with drops in He is vigilant about avoiding cut blocks. Officiating an NFL game takes years of training and experience. He can engage a defensive lineman, move his feet, and seal his opponent away from the play in one smooth motion. Jackson is a former five-star recruit with a stout, well-built frame and long arms. A safety occurs when the offensive ball carrier is tackled behind his own goal line. Chinn has a long, angular frame with springy, electric athleticism. His jump from FCS to the pros could require some development time. He loves to play with his eyes in the backfield, and is an eager downhill defender with a massive tackle radius. Edwards is a sturdy, athletic wideout with good height, a muscular build, and the ability to line up at multiple spots across a formation.

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